What We Do

Risk Management

Each organization should have defined risk objectives. We work with our clients to develop & define energy management objectives and implement strategies to achieve those goals. Whether our commodity trading advisors are focused on financial & physical hedging, evaluating fuel arbitrage opportunities, optimizing capacity assets, or eliminating risk with spot-market purchases, our efforts remain aligned with your organization’s risk strategy to achieve energy optimization.  


Energy contracts inherently put risk on the customer; tolerance levels, reasonable assurance clauses, take or pay solutions can all negatively impact your bottom line. Our team focuses on identifying this risk and eliminating it, while also ensuring our clients execute contracts with a cost-effective & credit-worthy counterparty. Few things are worse than negotiating a favorable energy contract only to have the supplier/broker not be able to deliver or financial reasons. Let us ensure your supply needs are protected. 

Tariff Analysis/Review

Pipelines and local distribution companies always look to grow and that growth is funded through rate increases to the end-user. We work on your behalf to provide a voice during rate cases, as well as conduct yearly audits of LDC rate schedules to ensure you are on the appropriate rate class with your local utility. 

Invoice Audits

Energy invoices are complex and seldom look the same. Our team takes a hands-on approach and audits each invoice to ensure the correct utility rate and supply rate is being charged. We also work on your behalf to recover any incorrectly charged fees or taxes and do not take a percentage of what we find, unlike some in the industry. Our opinion is, it is your money, you should have it. Let us be your set of eyes to ensure you are being invoiced right!


Natural Gas, Electricity, and other fuels are commodities that are traded every day. Conventional budgeting methods such as increasing the annual expense by a few percentage points, will not work. Our analysts develop budgets that utilize projected consumption, current utility rates, and contracted supply rates (including any hedges), to give you the most accurate forecast possible. 


If your organization has an Environmental, Social, Governance program, chances are you have concentrated efforts on identifying sustainable solutions. With energy, comes choices, and those choices impact the environment. Whether you need assistance calculating your carbon footprint, identifying green power solutions, or wish to purchase carbon-neutral fuel products, we can help. Energy Vision actively participates in the Renewable Energy Certificates market, carbon offset markets, Green-e, Energy Star Portfolio, and more. Let us work with you to develop and achieve your sustainability goals today!

In addition to our core solutions, EV can also offer on-site training to help clients better understand energy dynamics, as well as behind-the-meter training on safety issues such as leak detection, pipeline identification, and corrosion control. Further, we are also happy to evaluate fuel arbitration projects, co-generation projects, and other demand efficiency solutions that our clients are interested in. 

Our Specialties

We provide varying combinations of these services to clients all over North America, as well as parts of South America, Europe, and Asia.  It is our experience that each client’s energy management objectives are different from one another, and as such we tailor your energy management solutions to meet your needs.  Our clients can also add or remove solutions as needed allowing for our services to be custom-built.  Whether you are seeking risk management solutions from one of our registered Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), a team to manage energy procurement, or someone to help you reduce your carbon footprint, Energy Vision has a customizable solution waiting for you!

Take a look at each of our solutions listed to see which option(s) best suit your specific needs and let us know how we can be of service to you.